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Bart A. Boren specializes in representing clients who have creditor's rights issues. I know how to protect our client's commercial and consumer transactions. I provide our creditor clients a complete menu of cost-effective legal consulting options starting with State and Federal consumer laws, designing loan security interest guidelines, and preparing loan documentation. Our creditor clients range from large national firms to sole proprietorships.

The creditor rights counseling does not end with the preparation of loan documentation. Over the years I have established long-standing relationships with clients, providing on-going, in-depth consultation that frequently goes beyond providing legal advice. I routinely provide expert help in areas such as securing the client's interest in the transaction, contract negotiations, and the perfection of the security interests. Our staff is prepared to initiate appropriate steps to protect our client's rights in the event of default including legal proceedings. Depending on the wishes of our clients and the circumstances of the default, we will initiate mortgage foreclosures, confessions of judgment, and breach of contract actions.

We strive to be effective and employ creative measures to collect once we receive a favorable judgment. We are experienced in dealing with debtors who seek bankruptcy, and we represent our creditors in U.S. Bankruptcy Court to insure our client's interests are safeguarded.


Bart A. Boren has represented Banks and Credit Unions for over twenty-five years. At this law firm we take a practical approach to commercial collection, commercial litigation, bankruptcy and creditor/debtor law, recognizing the cost and risk of litigation, and the significant value of a speedy resolution of disputes. We begin with a thorough review of the loan, sale, or lease transaction involved, analyzing credit and collateral risks, the possibility of counterclaims, defenses, and the likelihood of a timely and cost effective litigation remedy. We then develop and implement a litigation strategy, while simultaneously pursuing reasonable negotiated settlements. We believe that our approach of pursuing both litigation and appropriate negotiation strategies maximizes benefits to clients, while reducing both legal expense and litigation risks. We are also experienced on operation side of financial institutions and are ready to help in the operation area.


We have the knowledge and experience to represent our clients in acquisition, financing, leasing and tax-free exchanges of real estate. We represent both buyers and sellers in commercial and industrial real estate transactions. We represent some of the largest planned unit developments in this region. We have over 25-years of experience representing clients in land development, including obtaining permits, variances, rezoning and approvals from state and local agencies.

We have developed relationships with area specialists who assist our real estate clients in a variety of ways, particularly in the sale and purchase of real property. Our attorneys and professional staff work hard to provide effective legal representation of both buyers and sellers in the sale of commercial and industrial real estate.


Bart A. Boren has over twenty-five years experience representing corporate client's litigation cases, including complex commercial, contract, real estate, and personal injury. We work closely with our clients from initial fact-finding throughout the entire litigation process. We carefully consider every option to amicably settle all disputes, including mediation and arbitration, in order to save time, expense and to preserve the relationship between the parties. When necessary, we provide aggressive representation in both state and federal court to protect the interests of our clients.


Bart A. Boren represents all forms of business, including corporations, limited liability companies (LLC), limited liability partnerships (LLP), general partnerships, sole proprietorships and non-profit organizations. We provide virtually every legal service a corporation will ever encounter from help establishing a legal entity through reorganization, sale and dissolution. Our business clients range from national firms to sole proprietorships.

Today, practicing corporate law is more of a challenge than ever before. Not only is the corporate landscape constantly changing, Federal and State law and administrative rules are in constant flux. Bart A. Boren has made corporate law a primary focus of the firm with key staff dedicated to this area of law. Over the years we have established trusted, long-term relationships with clients. We provide expert counsel and litigation support in areas such as banking, credit union, real estate, construction, contract and general business litigation. Bart A. Boren has taken the lead in successfully defending clients from class-action lawsuits. As in every other area of our practice, we take pride in providing efficient and cost-effective services. Even with our no-nonsense approach, we enjoy working with our clients and take great satisfaction working with clients to achieve their goals.